Social Services for Elderly Loved Ones

Supporting the Needs of You and Your Family


Senior Callers is a personalized calling service where our staff makes regular check-in calls to your loved one. When you choose us as part of your home care team, we start by reviewing your loved one’s history. You will fill out a detailed intake form to let us know exactly what their needs are to help us understand the client and to converse with them in a kind and compassionate way.  Calls can be made daily, weekly, or customized.

Senior Callers will give you, the caregiver, peace of mind knowing your loved one will be regularly checked in on when you might be able to do so. Our team of dedicated professionals are available to answer all of your questions and concerns.


We believe everyone needs human interaction in order to sustain themselves in today’s world. We have a model that treats everyone with compassion and respect in the relaxed setting of their home and makes person-to-person calls that your loved one will come to rely upon and look forward to.


Senior Callers was created out of a very real need from years of intake with the psychological community. The elderly often feels isolated and are in need of social contact on an ongoing basis. You, the caregiver, feel that it is difficult based on your schedule or the difficult nature of caregiving, check in on your loved one on a daily or weekly basis. For a caregiver, calls about taking medicine or reminders about appointments can be stressful, and can put strain on your relationship with your loved one.

With Senior Callers, you can provide these services for your family member. They will speak with a “live” person to see how they are doing and the caregiver will be given regular updates. We can prompt the person to take meds, perform daily hygiene tasks, or just conduct a general check in to see how they are doing.


You contact us and we will do a complete social questionnaire/ intake on what your loved one needs. It can be anything from basic daily functions to a pleasure call.

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